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Surface Treated Roller Chain

RS Roller Chain with a special surface treatment.

Provides superior corrosion resistance to RS Roller Chain. While it has less corrosion resistance than stainless steel drive chain, it maintains almost the same strength as RS Roller Chain.



While stainless steel roller chain has excellent corrosion resistance, its strength (maximum allowable load) is only 1/8 that of steel chain. For applications requiring corrosion resistance and the same strength of steel chain, Tsubaki recommends Surface Treated Roller Chains. (However, Surface Treated Roller Chains have less corrosion resistance than stainless steel chain.)

Applications, Features, and Use

Features/Series Steel NP Series Neptune Chain
Color Dark gray Light silver Light silver
(rollers are dark gray)
Strength comparison 100 85 100
Corrosion resistance Low High
Pros All-purpose, cheap Attractive appearance, light corrosion resistance Provides non-chromate corrosion resistance for eco-friendly operation (RoHS compliant)
Cons Not suitable where corrosion resistance is needed Slightly less strength than with steel chain Limited line-up
Applications General drive and hanging applications Office equipment, specialized equipment, etc. where appearance is the focus Outdoor usage, coastal applications, etc.

*Rough strength comparison, with steel chain as 100.

Product Lineup

Product Types/Features
NP Series

NP Series

RS Roller Chain plated with nickel for an attractive appearance and light corrosion resistance. Has 15% less allowable load than RS Roller Chain.

NEP Series

Neptune® Chain (NEP Series) Launched on June 2016

RS Roller Chain with a special surface treatment and top coat. Superb corrosion and chemical resistance. RoHS compliant

APP Series

APP Series

Uses a special surface coating on the pin for protection from pitting corrosion outdoors or in coastal areas.