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Surface Treated Neptune® Chain (NEP Series)

RS Roller Chain with a special surface treatment and top coat.

Launched on June 2016

Provides superior saltwater, weather, and all-around corrosion resistance and excellent durability. Uses a revolutionary surface treatment with no harmful chromium for eco-friendly operation.

RoHS compliant

NEP Series
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1. Features

Superb chemical resistance
Combines Tsubaki's uniquely developed special coating and special resin coating for superb corrosion (rust) and chemical resistance.
Superb corrosion resistance
Neptune Chain didn't rust after 700 hours in salt spray tests (JIS-Z-2371).
Less environmental load
Uses no hexavalent chromium in its corrosion resistant surface coating and contains no harmful lead, cadmium, mercury, or arsenic. NEP Series chain is an eco-friendly chain that is RoHS compliant.
Same strength as RS Roller Chain
Has the same tensile strength and allowable load as standard steel RS Roller Chain, with no reduction in strength.

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2. Model Numbering Example

RS 80 - NEP - 1
(1) (2) (3)
  • (1) Model Numbering Example : 35, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160
  • (2) Series : NEP
  • (3) No. of strands
Model numbers for ordering connecting links (JL) RS80-NEP-1-JL
Model numbers for ordering offset links (OL) RS80-NEP-1-OL

Order as shown above after specifying the number of strands.

3. Dimensions/Specifications

Select the model number for detailed information.

Chain Model No.
Single Strand Double Strands
RS40-NEP-1 RS40-NEP-2
RS50-NEP-1 RS50-NEP-2
RS60-NEP-1 RS60-NEP-2
RS80-NEP-1 RS80-NEP-2
RS100-NEP-1 RS100-NEP-2