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Ultra Super Chain

Inner and outer link plates are oval and one size thicker than RS Roller Chains.

Among Tsubaki drive chains this model has the highest allowable tension, tensile strength and shock absorption, and is suitable for drives requiring a compact design.

Ultra Super Roller Chain

1. Features/Applications

The highest tensile strength and shock absorption
  • Tensile strength increased by 17% compared with Super-H Chain.
  • Able to use 2 size smaller RS Roller Chain. Ideal for drives that require compact size chains. Recommended for use in construction machinery, excavating equipment, steel facilities, environmental equipment, etc.

2. Caution

  • We changed the specifications for Ultra Super Chain from "US" to "US-N" in October 2016.
    The new specifications have a thinner pin diameter than the previous Ultra Super Chain. Please replace the entire chain when replacing. There are no changes to the minimum tensile strength or maximum allowable load.
  • Use sprockets made of S35C or higher carbon steel. Small sprockets must have hardened teeth.
  • Cast iron sprockets cannot be used. Tsubaki's RS Sprocket - Heavy Duty Type (hardened teeth), which are hardened throughout, but specially hardened on the bottom of the teeth, are recommended. Standard RS sprockets cannot be used for RS-HT/Super-H multi-strand roller chains due to differences. (Contact us for special configurations.)

3. Model Numbering Example

RF 100 - US - N - 1
(1) (2)
  • (1) Applicable size: 100, 120, 140, 160, 200, 240
  • (2) No. of strands
Model numbers for ordering connecting links (JL) RF100-US-1-JL
  • Offset links are not available for Ultra Super Roller Chain.

4. Dimensions/Specifications

*Select the model number for detailed information.

Chain Model No.
1 strand
RF100-US-N-1 RF120-US-N-1 RF140-US-N-1 RF160-US-N-1 RF200-US-N-1 RF240-US-N-1