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Lambda® Chain

Lube-free, long life. Tsubaki's new and improved eco-friendly Lambda Chain.

We reviewed the material and processing that go into our special oil-impregnated bushes, and improved the lubricant.

Lambda Chain
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Notice regarding Tsubaki Lambda Chain
RS160-LMD sizes have been added to Lambda Chain Series
RS Double Strand Compatible Lambda Chain
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The new Lambda Chain, which is Lube-free and long life, shortens maintenance time and cost enormously

  • No lubrication for chain is required due to using special contained bush. Reduce the frequency of chain replacement and amounts of industrial waste.
  • Avoids stains of additional lubrication on the equipment, and keep work environment clean.

Improved lubricant of special contained bush

Due to the compliant lubrication to NSF H1 as special contained bush , it also can be used on food machinery

Please be aware that NSF H1 non-compliant rust prevention oil and oils for assembly are also attached in the process of manufacturing.

Basic Structure of Lambda Chain

Basic Structure of Lambda Chain
What is NSF H1?
NFS is the organization that verifies the hygienic quality of food lubrication. NSF H1 is the standard regulated by NSF. This is "Lubricant ingredients are safe in the event of incidental food contact." oil.

Points of caution

To ensure compatibility with RS Roller Chain, the inner plate is one size thicker with the same tensile strength as RS Roller Chain. Thus, pins are longer than with the RS Roller Chain, so interference with equipment should be checked.

Product Lineup

Product Types/Features
Lambda Chain

Lambda® Chain

Our basic Lambda Chain model. Interchangeable with standard roller chain.

Long Life Lambda Chain (X-Lambda)

Long Life Lambda® Chain (X-Lambda)

The definitive lube-free roller chain. Use of special oil-impregnated bushes and felt seals give this chain longer life.

Surface Treated Lambda Chain

Surface Treated Lambda® Chain

The plates and rollers of this Lambda Chain are surface-treated to increase corrosion resistance.

KF Series Lambda Chain

KF Series Lambda® Chain

Our special lubricant with food-grade resists degradation and exhibits superior wear performance in high temperature environments (150ºC to 230ºC).

Heavy Duty Lambda Chain

Heavy Duty Lambda® Chain

Achieves the same strength as RS Roller Chains, even with double-strand chains, by increasing the thickness of the outer and inner plates by one size.

Heavy Duty NP Series Lambda Chain

Heavy Duty NP Series Lambda® Chain

The plates and rollers of our Heavy Duty Lambda Chain are surface-treated to increase corrosion resistance.

BS Lambda Chain

BS Lambda® Chain

Lambda Chain that conforms to ISO 606 B series standards. The dimensions are fully interchangeable with existing BS chains.

Curved Lambda Chain

Curved Lambda® Chain

This sideflexing roller chain offers large lateral bending capabilities thanks to its uniquely constructed pins and bushes and large clearance between link plates.


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