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Pin Gear Attachment Chain

This chain is for a pinion gear drive that uses an attachment chain and special sprocket instead of a rack and pinion gear.

Wrap the chain around the inner/outer circumference of a drum and bolt the attachments to install, or install linearly.

  • Use a heat treated bolt for attachment.
  • Requires a special sprocket.
Pin Gear Attachment Chain

1. Chain Pin Gears

For linear drive and large radius rotary drives, a chain gear drive is used by a drive source (motor, etc.) through a reducer. Chains require a lot of space, and gears need precision machining, which can lead to high costs and other issues. Pin Gears are perfect in these situations.

An attachment chain is wound around the outside of a drum in place of a gear drive wheel, and a specially machined sprocket is used for the pinion gear. For linear drives, the attachment chain is attached linearly and used in place of a rack.

Comparison with gear rack types

Type Freedom of layout Precision Cost Durability
Pin Gears Excellent Average Good Good
Gear Racks Poor Good Average Average

Pin Gear Drive Types

Tsubaki offers linear, inner rotary, and outer rotary pin gear drives.

Pin Gear Drive Types

2. Sprockets for Chain Type Pin Gears

Pin gear sprockets engage chains that differ structurally to normal winding/hanging drive chains, so special teeth profiles are required.
Contact a Tsubaki representative and let us design the perfect tooth profile for your application.

3. Model Numbering Example

RS80 - 1L K1
(1) (2) (3)
  • (1) Chain No.
  • (2) Attachment spacing
  • (3) Attachment type