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  • Shock Monitor


For machine tools. Contact detection type

Load ratio at no-load operation can be automatically, or by external input, offset to 0%. Quickly and reliably detects minimal load changes.



  • Capable of high-precision detection of minute power changes when the tool and workpiece contact as the power is automatically offset to 0% during no-load operation. (There are two types of output: OUT1 and OUT2)
  • OUT3 is a non-offset value and the absolute value can be monitored.
  • As for detection level, as a set, OUT1, OUT2, and OUT3 can be switched from the external for a maximum of 8 types. Compatible with the change of grinding stone and workpieces.

2.TSM4000M1 Basic Operation

TSM4000M1 Basic Operation

3.Reference Number System

Reference Number System