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Shock Relay® SC Series

In addition to the Shock Relay conventional features, the high-end model SC Series provides new functions enabling remote monitoring of processes.

This series is a successor to the Shock Relay SD Series.

RoHS compliant

Shock Relay SC Series


Model No. All-in-One Type TSBSCB06 TSBSCB34 TSBSCB60
Panel-Mounted Type TSBSCS06 TSBSCS34 TSBSCS60
Motor 200V Class CT Through No.
(No. of Turns)
4t 0.1kW - -
2t 0.2, 0.4kW 1.5, 2.2kW -
1t 0.75kW 3.7, 5.5kW 7.5, 11kW
400V Class 4t 0.2kW - -
2t 0.4, 0.75kW 2.2, 3.7, 5.5kW -
1t 1.5kW 7.5, 11kW 15, 18.5, 22kW


  • Communication functions (RS485) allowing for remote monitoring of process load.
  • 4 to 20 mA output enabling actions tailored to actual loads.
  • A separate display can be inset in a control panel, etc. (for panel-mounted type only)
  • Capable of detecting lower limit (current) values.
  • Maintenance time indicating function available.
  • CE marking conformity.

2.Reference Number System (All-in-One Type)

Reference Number System (All-in-One Type)

3.Reference Number System (Panel-Mounted Type)

Reference Number System (Panel-Mounted Type)

4.Reference Number System (External CT)

Reference Number System (External CT)

If the current setting range exceeds 60A, please set TSBSCB/S06.