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Consisting of a frame and endless rollers, with the endless rollers wrapped around a center plate on the frame.

Perfect for conveying, transferring, or moving heavy objects.


1. Features

Steel roller type

Stable conveyance with a low center of gravity
The unit is low so conveyed goods only need to be jacked up a little bit. A low center of gravity allows for stable conveyance.
Light running
Using the same operating principle as bearings, rollers excellent in circularity reduce running resistance, enabling heavy objects to be conveyed with little force.
Compact yet powerful
The load is received by multiple rollers, making it compact yet boasting high load capabilities.
Tough for longer life
The frame unit has a top plate welded into place, making it extremely strong and durable. Major parts are heat treated for superior wear resistance as well.
Extensive line-up
We offer an extensive line-up to match any usage application.
More Details

Plastic roller type

  • Light running, stable conveyance
  • Tough, long-life
  • Plastic rollers won't scratch the running surface (generally road surfaces)
  • Half the weight of steel rollers -- easy to carry
  • Are quieter when running than with steel rollers -- no painful screeching sounds

2. List of Series

Model number Basic load capability Model number Basic load capability
kN t kN t
Steel rollers Plastic Toughroller Jr.
TUF-J 14.7 1.5 TUF-JP 2.94 0.3
TUF6 58.8 6 Plastic rollers
TUF12 118 12 TUF1P 9.80 1
TUF25 245 25 TUF2P 19.6 2
TUF40 392 40 TUF4P 34.3 3.5
TUF65 637 65 Plastic double rollers
TUF100 980 100 TUF4WP 34 3.5
TUF200 1960 200
Steel double rollers
TUF25W 245 25