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  • Corrosion Resistant Conveyor Chain

GSA Series

Higher model of GS Series (Advanced model)

Improved 2x the bush-roller wear resistance, 1.5x the pin-bush wear resistance, and 1.3x the maximum allowable tensile strength and the roller allowable load of R roller, F roller than GS Series

Operating temperature range: -20°C* to 200°C

Contact a Tsubaki representative when using below -20°C

GSA Series

1. Model Numbering Example

RF10100 R - GSA - 1L A2
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
  1. (1) Chain size
  2. (2) Roller types: R = R roller, F = F roller
  3. (3) Series
  4. (4) Attachment spacing
  5. (5) Attachment type

2. Features

GSA Series has better wear resistance and a higher maximum allowable load than GS Series.

1.5x better pin-bush wear resistance

Pin-bush wear resistance (In-house test comparison)

2x bush-roller wear resistance

Bush-roller wear resistance (In-house test comparison)

1.3x the maximum allowable tensile strength, R roller and F roller allowable load

Comparison of the maximum allowable tensile strength

Maximum allowable load is the numerical value set by fatigue limit, allowable surface pressure, etc.

3. Table of Sizes and Strength

  • Maximum allowable load is a value calculated based on Tsubaki in-house standards and is calculated strength. As long as there are no other constraints, maximum allowable load is used in selecting large size conveyor chain. This value will differ by manufacturer and is not a guaranteed value.
  • Contact a Tsubaki representative for average tensile strength.


Size Pitch (mm) Maximum allowable load (kN)
RF03075 75 7.02
RF03100 100
RF05075 75 14.0
RF05100 100
RF05125 125
RF05150 150
RF08125 125 16.0
RF08150 150
RF10100 100 23.0
RF10125 125
RF10150 150
RF12200 200 34.5
RF12250 250
Size Pitch (mm) Maximum allowable load (kN)
RF17200 200 46.3
RF17250 250
RF17300 300
RF26200 200 59.9