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  • Free Flow Large Size Conveyor Chain

Double Plus Conveyor Chain

Chain for conveyance and accumulation.

The frictional force between the large and small diameter rollers causes them to rotate in unison, and the difference in the roller diameters allow for items to be conveyed at 2.3x the speed of the base chain. As there is a braking force acting on the large diameter roller, slip occurs between the large and small diameter rollers, allowing for free flow conveyance.

Double Plus Conveyor Chain

1. Features

Energy savings, lower costs
The small coefficient of friction means low required horsepower, reducing the chain size required and costs.
Longer life
Chain speed is 1/2.3, and the chain can handle a large roller allowable load, giving the chain over twice the life of Top Roller Chain.
Stable running
The height from rail to conveyed goods is low, allowing for stable running.

2. Model Numbering Example

RF05100 VR
(1) (2)
  • (1) Chain size
  • (2) Double Plus Chain

3. Table of Sizes, Max. Allowable Load, and Roller Allowable Load

Chain size Pitch (mm) Max. allowable load (kN) Roller allowable load (kN)
RF03075VR 75 4.20 1.27
RF03100VR 100 4.20 1.27
RF05100VR 100 9.80 2.35
RF05125VR 125 9.80 2.35
RF05150VR 150 9.80 2.35
RF10125VR 125 16.1 3.43
RF10150VR 150 16.1 3.43
RF06205VR 152.4 26.6 4.9
RF12200VR 200 26.6 4.9
RF17200VR 200 35.0 6.08

*Roller allowable load is per one roller.