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BF Series

This drive chain uses tempered stainless steel for increased wear and corrosion resistance.

SUS300 series stainless steel also available.

BF Series

List of Series

Chain size Ave. tensile strength (kN) Material
BF120-N 108{11000} SUS400 series stainless steel
BF140 137{14000}
BF140-E 147{15000}
BF160 181{18500}
BF160-E 233{23800}
BF200 309{31500}
BF200-E 353{36000}
BF240 392{40000}
ACS4124 186{19000}
BF2120 147{15000}
  • The unit for average tensile strength is kN. The value in { } is kgf.
  • Standard material (bushed type)