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WAC Series

Used on automatic water screens such as those found in water intakes at thermal power plants.

The pins, bushes, and rollers use tempered SUS400 series stainless steel, giving them the corrosion and wear resistance necessary for reciprocating operation between in and out of seawater. There are special plastic bearings in the roller inner diameter, allowing for lube-free operation in seawater for easy maintenance.

WAC Series

List of Series

Chain size Ave. tensile strength (kN) Material
WAC25610 245 {25000} SUS400 series stainless steel
WAC32610 314 {32000}
WAC45610 441 {45000}
WAC55610 539 {55000}
WAC65610 637 {65000}
WAC75610 735 {75000}
WAC100610 981 {100000}
WAC120610 1180 {120000}

The unit for average tensile strength is kN. The value in { } is kgf.