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  • Special Large Size Conveyor Chain

FBXA Series

Better bush-roller wear resistance of FB series provides longer wear life.

A conveyor chain designed for bucket elevators.

FBXA Series

1. Structure & Features

FBXASeries Structure

In-house test comparison. The data might be different depending on the usage conditions.

  • In addition to the FB series construction, special structure on roller give better pin-bush-roller wear resistance.
  • Specialized for Bucket Elevator

Large Size Conveyor Chain "FBXA Series" for Bucket Elevator application.

2. Model Numbering Example

RF10150 M - FBXA - 2L GA4 + 400L - PR
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
  1. (1)Chain size
  2. (2)Roller type
  3. (3)Chain series
  4. (4)Attachment spacing
  5. (5)Attachment type
  6. (6)Number of links
  7. (7)Each end link formation: P = Outer link, R = Inner link

3. Table of Sizes and Strength

Maximum allowable load is a value calculated based on Tsubaki in-house standards and is calculated strength. As long as there are no other constraints, maximum allowable load is used in selecting large size conveyor chain. This value will differ by manufacturer and is not a guaranteed value.

Contact a Tsubaki representative regarding average tensile strength.

Chain Size&
Roller Type
Max. Allowable Load(kN)
RF10100M 100 32.3
RF10125M 125
RF10150M 150
RF12200S/M 200 39.9
RF12250S/M 250
RF17200S/M 200 55.3
RF17250S/M 250
RF17300S/M 300
RF26200S/M 200 74.3
RF26250S/M 250
RF26300S/M 300
RF26450S/M 450

Contact a Tsubaki representative for more information regarding dimensions and other points not mentioned above.