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G Series

Small-sized new model fully remodeled to meet global standards

Through upgraded performance 9000 standardized models are available. The most appropriate model can be selected for your equipment and application.

G Series
Useful Information
Even more special brake motors for LPG Series/LPT Series Power Cylinders available (2014.10.01)


Wide Variety
Approximately 9000 models are standardized, including 630 basic types and models with optional parts.
Stable High Efficiency & Long Life
High efficiency has been achieved by employing nut material that has excellent compatibility with the aligning trapezoidal screw thread (centralizing screw) specially designed for the Power Cylinder, which provides stability and a long operating life.
*The Power Cylinder G Series basically uses a machine screw.
*For high frequency or long life operation, consider using the ball screw type.
Quiet Operation
Significantly reduced noise during startup and stopping through a quiet DC brake motor drive.
Superior Speed Stability
With the basic structure where the induction motor rotates the screw shaft so the nut (rod) goes forward/backward, delivers operations at a steady velocity that is impervious to load fluctuations.
CCC certified special models can be made upon request
Basic Delivery: Ex-Japan 4 weeks by vessel

2.Each Protector Use & Structure

LPGA (Basic Type)
Please note that using outside the stroke will cause damage, as this type only has a brake as its stop function.
When using this type, make sure to install a sensor like LS for stroke control, or to use our optional model with stroke adjusting external LS.
LPGB (with Torque Limiter)
When overload occurs and the set thrust is exceeded, the built-in Torque Limiter slips and performs its protection function. Please note, however, that slipping for a long period of time may cause burnout due to the motor heat, or defective operation of the cylinder resulting from reduced transmission torque. (We recommend use with our current-detecting protector Shock Relay .)
LPGC Type (with Thrust Detection Unit)
This type features a thrust detection unit combining pressurized springs and a limit switch. Performs its functions in the following cases:
  • Press/pull stopping
  • Electrical signal required during overload
  • Action of overload from load side during stopping
    *The embedded spring unit can absorb deflection shock load within the rating.

3.Reference Number System

Reference Number System
(1) Series
LPGA: Basic Type
LPGB: With Torque Limiter
LPGC: With Thrust Detection Unit
(2) Rated thrust
070: 700N{71.4kgf}
100: 1.00kN{102kgf}
150: 1.50kN{153kgf}
300: 3.00kN{306kgf}
(3) Stroke
2: 200mm, 3: 300mm,
5: 500mm, 10: 1000mm
(4) Voltage
No Mark: 200VClass
200/200/220V, 50/60/60Hz
400/400/440V, 50/60/60Hz
V1: 380V/50Hz
V2: 380V/60Hz
V3: 415V/50Hz
V4: 460V/60Hz
(5) Option
No Mark:Standard
M: Detent Rod Type
L: Stroke Adjusting External LS (2pcs)
K2, K4:Position Detecting Internal LS
P: Potentiometer
R: Rotary Encoder
C: Clevis
I: I Type End Fitting
J: Bellows
  • Select the stroke taking into consideration the expected amount of coasting.
  • Detent rod type for the LPGC cannot be made.
  • Clevis cannot be combined with K2, K4, P, and R.
  • Stroke: The above values are indication examples.

4.Standard Specifications

Model No. Speed Rated Thrust
Motor Capacity
Standard Stroke
L 700
25/30 0.1 100








M 75/90 0.2
H 100/120 0.4
U 200/240 0.4
L 1.00k{102} 25/30 0.1
M 75/90 0.2
H 100/120 0.4
U 200/240 0.4
L 1.50k{153} 25/30 0.2
M 75/90 0.4
H 100/120 0.4
L 3.00k{306} 25/30 0.4
M 50/60 0.2
H 67/80 0.4

*Only parallel type is available. *LPGC type cannot be made.
*For speed "U", press stopping is not available. *LPGC: Motor 0.2kW

5.Motor Specifications

Type With brake motor,enclosed & self-cooling type
Output Standard Model List
No. of Poles 4 Poles
Power Voltage 200V/200V/220V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz/60Hz
Insulation Class E
Rating 30 min
Protection Enclosed type for outdoor use (IP55)

* 400/440V and other voltages can be manufactured.


For options, please go to the product detail information screen from the "Dimensions/Specs" button at the top of the page.