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T Series Multi Type Power Cylinder

The Multi Type Power Cylinder is capable of synchronizing multiple cylinders with one motor.

We offer two options: economical type with a compact design (LPTB) and thrust detecting type with a safety device (LPTC). You can select the one most suited to your application.

Multi Series Power Cylinder

The Multi Series with less than 4 tons rated thrust has changed its name to the T Series Multi Type. There is no change in specifications. Consider using the U Series Multi Type Power Cylinder for more than 6 tons rated thrust.

1. Features of T Series Multi Type

Longer Life
A ball screw with large load capacity extends its operating life.
High-speed Operation

MTO products can achieve high-speed operation up to 150mm/s.

A thrust detection unit can be built-in to detect overload and protect the machine. (LPTC)
Tough Construction
The actuator area supporting the load and the reducer area are separated. There is no change in the gear tooth contact due to fluctuating load.
Synchronous Operation
Using an input shaft with enough strength allows synchronous operation of multiple units.
Swinging Operation
The input shaft and trunnion area have the same shaft center, allowing for swinging motion during interlocked operation.

2.Construction and Use for Each Protection Type

TB Type: Basic Type without Overload Protector

TB type has no overload protector.

We recommend using with Tsubaki's Shock Relay, which can detect electrical overload on the input side.

TB Type
TC Type: Thrust Detection Unit

The thrust detection unit combines two types of pressurized disk springs with different spring rates and a limit switch. It operates effectively in the following situations.

  • When performing press/pull stops
  • When electrical signals are required during overload
  • When a lateral overload may be applied during stopping
    *The built-in spring unit can absorb deflection shock load when overload is suddenly applied.
TC Type

3.Model Numbering Example

LP TB 1000 BR 6 LJ
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
  1. (1) Power Cylinder
  2. (2) LPTB: T Series without thrust detection unit, LPTC: T Series with thrust detection unit
  3. (3) Allowable thrust::
    500 = 4.90N {500kgf}, 1000 = 9.80N {1000kgf}, 2000 = 19.6N {2000kgf}, 4000 = 39.2kN {4000kgf}
  4. (4) Direction of input shaft rotation:
    BR: Bevel Gear R Type, BL: Bevel Gear L Type *"R" and "L" indicate the relation of the input shaft rotation and the rod direction of movement.
  5. (5) Stroke: 6 = Stroke 600mm
  6. (6) Option: L = Stroke Adjustment External LS, J = Bellows, I = I Type End Fitting (No Mark: Standard, The stroke remains the same)

4.Standard model list

Type Allowable Thrust kN {kgf} Screw Lead
Gear Ratio Overall Efficiency (%) Unloaded Idling Torqu N·m
Input Shaft Torque with Allowable Thrust N·m
*Note 1
6 2 85.5 2.00
LPTB 1000B
8 2 85.5 2.50
LPTB 2000B
10 2 85.5 4.00
LPTB 4000B
12 2 85.5 9.00
Type Rod Travel per Input Shaft Revolution
Rod Torque with Allowable Thrust
Input Shaft Torque with Allowable Thrust
*Note 2
Allowable Max Speed (mm/s)
*Note 3
Stroke (mm)
3 5.20
120 (TB)
60 (TC)
200, 300, 400
500, 600, 800
LPTB 1000B
4 13.8
120 (TB)
60 (TC)
200, 300, 400
500, 600, 800
LPTB 2000B
5 34.7
90 (TB)
60 (TC)
200, 300, 400
500, 600, 800
LPTB 4000B
6 83.2
72 (TB)
42 (TC)
200, 300, 400
500, 600, 800
1000, 1200
  • Note 1: Allowable torque for input shaft only. (Check this torque before multi-operation.)
  • Note 2: Values include unloaded idling torque.
  • Note 3: In the Allowable Max Speed column, TB indicates LPTB type, TC indicates LPTC type.
  • Note 4: A higher-speed option is also available when exceeding the maximum input rotation speed. Contact a Tsubaki representative for more information.


An MTO T Series Multi Type Power Cylinder is available with higher-speed operation.

High-speed operation (*MTO product)
  • Realizes high-speed operation at 150mm/s in all sizes.
  • Allows for high-speed operation of equipment.
  • Air breathers are attached to the actuator area. *You will be required to indicate the location of breathers when ordering.

  • The high-speed LPTC type with thrust detection unit cannot be used as a safety device. Pressing stops are not allowed, so use inverters for a decelerating stop. Contact a Tsubaki representative for more information.