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  • Small-Size Gear Motor

Gear Motor Mini Series GMM

Parallel-axis type helical gear reducer with a motor capacity range from 40W to 90W

  • All models use aluminum frame motors and silent brakes
  • Compact, lightweight, and quiet operations

Sales will be discontinued on June 30, 2019.

Gear Motor Mini Series GMM

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High Torque & High Efficiency
Capable of transmitting high torque due to lack of torque limitation at a low output rotation with a high reduction ratio. Delivers high efficiency and cost savings with less sliding compared to worm types.
Long Service Life
Provides an average of more than 10,000 hours operating life, top level in this class.
The flange mounting dimensions are the same as those of other Japanese manufacturers and compatible with them.
Flexible Installation
Upper and lower mounting pitches of the case are the same, making installation in different application easy.
Wide Reduction Ratio Range
A reduction ratio can be selected from between 1/5 and 1/240.
Outdoor Type Equivalent to IP65
All outdoor types are waterproof, and equivalent to IP65 under IEC standards.



3.Reference Number System

Reference Number System
(1) Product Series Name
GMM: Gear Motor Mini Series
(2) Motor Specs
T: Three-Phase
S: Single-Phase
(3) Motor Capacity
40: 40W, 60: 60W, 90: 90W
(4) Mounting Type
F: Flange Type
(5) Reduction Ratio (Example)
8: 1/8, 50: 1/50, 240: 1/240
(6) Brake
No Code: Non-Brake Type
B: Brake Type
(7) Specification Code
No Code: Lead Wire Outlet Type
W: Outdoor Type
J: Waterproof Type
V: Double Voltage
  (Three-Phase 400V Class, Single-Phase 200V Class)
WV: Outdoor, Double Voltage
  (Three-Phase 400V Class, Single-Phase 200V Class)
P: Resin Terminal Box Attached
PV: Resin Terminal Box Attached, Double Voltage
  (Three-Phase 400V Class, Single-Phase 200V Class)
N2: UL Compliant
  (Three-Phase 60W and 90W non-brake type only)
N3: CCC Compliant
  (Three-Phase 60W and 90W non-brake type only)
  • N2 and N3: Global Series
  • Outdoor specification (W) is equivalent to waterproof specification IP65.
  • Outdoor specification (W) can be fabricated with the brake (B) .
  • Resin terminal box type (P) cannot be made with the brake (B) .
  • Please contact us for single-phase 90W (GMMS90) outdoor type (W) and single-phase 90W (GMMS90) brake type (B)
  • The motor does not have micro surge voltage suppression function.
  • Three-phase 400V class cannot be driven with an inverter.
  • Three-phase 200V class can be driven with an inverter, but continuous operation in low frequency and higher than 60Hz is not possible.

4.Standard Models

Motor Capacity Reduction Ratio
Single-/Three-Phase 40W 1/5 to 1/240
60W 1/5 to 1/240
90W 1/5 to 1/120