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HCMR Series Croise Motor

Right-angle shaft type gear motor with a high reduction ratio and a compact size, and compatible with overseas high efficiency regulations.

With three-phase motor: 0.75kW to 5.5kW

Parallel-axis type gear motor with a more compact motor for ratings over 1.5kW, and compatible with the latest overseas high efficiency regulations.

HCMR Series Croise Motor
Motor Capacity Reduction Ratio
0.75kW 1/40 to 1/300
1.5kW 1/40 to 1/300
2.2kW 1/40 to 1/300
3.7kW 1/40 to 1/300
5.5kW 1/40 to 1/100


Compatible with overseas high efficiency regulations

With a growing global awareness of energy savings, legal regulations are being introduced around the world that require the manufacture and sales of high efficiency motors. Tsubaki's CSMR Series small-size gear motors are compatible with overseas high efficiency regulations as well as domestic Japanese regulations. We provide high-quality products that meet ever-changing needs.

Compatibility Table for Overseas Standards

Motor Capacity / Standard 0.75kW 1.5kW 2.2kW 3.7kW 5.5kW
Without Brake With Brake Without Brake With Brake Without Brake With Brake Without Brake With Brake Without Brake With Brake
Chinese High Efficiency Regulations
European High Efficiency Regulations
Korean High Efficiency Regulations
KS C 4202
U.S. High Efficiency Regulations
NEMA MG1-12-12
Right-Angle Shaft & High Reduction Ratio
The croise motor, using a worm gear, delivers space savings in your equipment layout with a right-angle shaft. The HCMA series provides a maximum reduction ratio of up to 1/300 with the combination of a 1st helical gear and a 2nd worm gear.
Quiet Operation
With the use of a worm gear, provides very smooth and quiet operations compared to other gear mechanisms. Also, the silent-type brake eliminates annoying metallic sounds during suction.
Shock Resistance
The worm gear has a stronger tooth root than other gear mechanisms, providing superior shock resistance.
High Stopping Accuracy
Excellent positioning accuracy can be expected due to less backlash compared to other gear mechanisms.

2.Structure (Hollow Shaft Type)

Structure (Hollow Shaft Type)
  • (1) Case
  • (2) Rotor Shaft Helical Pinion
  • (3) First Stage Helical Gear
  • (4) Second Stage Worm
  • (5) Second Stage Worm Wheel
  • (6) Output Shaft
  • (7) M Flange
  • (8) Output Bearing Support III
  • (9) Exit Collar
  • (10) Bearing (Input Shaft Load Side)
  • (11) Bearing (Input Shaft Opposite Load Side)
  • (12) Bearing (Output Shaft)
  • (13) Oil Seal (Input Shaft)
  • (14) Oil Seal (Output Shaft)
  • (15) Shaft Snap Ring
  • (16) Internal Snap Ring
  • (17) Square Parallel Key
  • (18) Hex Socket Head Bolt
  • (19) Wave Washer
  • (20) Filter
  • (21) Shim
  • (22) Hex Socket Head Plug

3.Model Numbering Example

HCMR 150 - 50 1 H 180 B ***
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
  1. (1) Product Series Name: HCMR = High reduction type with motor
  2. (2) Motor Capacity (example): 150 = Three-Phase 1.5kW
  3. (3) Frame No.: 32 = Frame No. 32, 50 = Frame No. 50
  4. (4) Mounting direction Code
  5. (5) Mounting Type: L = Foot Mount Type, U = Face Mount Type, H = Hollow Shaft Type
  6. (6) Reduction Ratio (Example) 40 = 1/40, 100 = 1/100
  7. (7) Shaft Arrangement: B: Brake Type, BE: Encoder Type
  8. (8) Option code