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  • Small-Size Gear Motor

Hypoid Motor TA Series

Right-angle shaft type hypoid gear reducers

With three-phase motor: 0.1kW to 0.4kW

  • All models use aluminum frame motors and silent brakes
  • Compact, lightweight, and quiet operation
Hypoid Motor TA Series

Standard Models

Motor Capacity Reduction Ratio
0.1kW 1/5 to 1/1200
0.2kW 1/5 to 1/1200
0.4kW 1/5 to 1/1200


High Efficiency
Less sliding and high efficiency compared with worm types. Requires less power under the same output conditions.
Particular emphasis on the height dimension, this reducer is extremely short and compact.
Low Noise
Ensures low-noise and highly-reliable operation taking advantage of our machining technology gained through our experience of manufacturing gear motors.
Easy Handling
Pre-lubricated with grease, this series can be used as is. Compatible with any mounting directions. The output shaft end is tap processed as the standard specification. For the hollow shaft type, an optional torque arm and shaft end cover are available.
Other Features
Inverter motor type with the same motor dimensions as standard motors are also available. Provides a wide range of options as well.

2.Structure (Triple-Reduction Hollow Shaft Type)

Structure (Triple-Reduction Hollow Shaft Type)

3.TA Series Three-Phase Motor Type: 0.1kW to 0.4kW Model Numbering Example

HMTA 010 - 38 L 1200 L B
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
(1) Product Series Name
HMTA: Motor Type
HRTA: Inline Reducer Type and Adaptor Type
(2) Motor Capacity (Example)
010: Three-Phase 0.1kW
150: Three-Phase 1.5kW
(3) Frame No. (Example)
38: Frame No. 38
55: Frame No. 55
(4) Mounting Type
L: Foot Mount Type
U: Face Mount Type
H: Hollow Shaft Type
(5) Reduction Ratio (Example)
1200: 1/1200
200: 1/200
(6) Shaft Arrangement
L: Output shaft located to the left as viewed from the motor side
T: Output shaft located on both sides
R: Output shaft located to the right as viewed from the motor side
S: Output shaft located on one side
 (Face side: for face mount type only)
No Code: Hollow Shaft Type
(7) Specification Code
No Code: Without B or BE
B: Brake Type
FI: Adaptor Type
K: Power-Lock Type
 (For hollow shaft type with standard shaft bore dia. only)
BE: Encoder Type
SR: Shock Relay Specification
 (0.1kW to 0.4kW only)