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Worm Gear Head EWJMK, EWMK

General-purpose gear heads for servo applications achieving high economic efficiency and quick delivery.

The Worm Gear Head EWJMK and EWMK are high-strength, right-angle shaft type capable of quiet operation.

  • Solid Output Shaft
  • Applied Servomotor: 0.2 to 7kW
  • Reduction Ratio: 1/10 to 1/60
Worm Gear Head EWJMK, EWMK

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General-purpose gear heads are designed for servo motors, allowing us to quickly deliver economical products.
Low Noise & Low Vibration
Unlike other types of gear transmission, the worm gear considerably reduces vibration and noise due to sliding contact.
High Precision & Compact
Basic foot mount type with well-balanced optimum design delivers compactness and high precision.

2.Reference Number System

Reference Number System
Type Size Mounting Position
EWJMK 35, 42 E: Position E
50, 63, 70 E: Position E
V: Position V
EWMK 80, 100 T: Position T
V: Position V