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Hypoid Gear Head HMTK

General-purpose gear heads for servo applications achieving high economic efficiency

  • Hollow or solid output shaft
  • Applied servomotor: 0.2 to 2kW
  • Reduction Ratio: 1/5 to 1/200
Hypoid Gear Head HMTK

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General-purpose gear heads are designed for servo motors, allowing us to quickly deliver economical products.
High Efficiency
Less sliding and high efficiency compared with worm types. Requires less power under the same output conditions.
Compact & Space Saving
The compact body with reduced height dimension allows flexible installation and mounting.

2.Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example

Mounting Type

  • H: Hollow Output Shaft
  • US: Face Mount Type, Single Output Shaft
  • UT: Face Mount Type, Double Output Shaft
  • L: Please contact us for foot mounting (L)

Output Shaft Rotation Direction

When rotating to the right facing the input shaft, viewed from the face on the through hole side

  • 2-Stage Type: Left-Hand Rotation
  • 3-Stage Type: Right-Hand Rotation