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Worm Gear Head SWJMK, SWMK

General-purpose gear heads for servo applications achieving high economic efficiency and quick delivery.

The Worm Gear Head SWJMK and SWMK are high-strength, right-angle shaft type capable of quiet operation.

  • Hollow Output Shaft
  • Applied Servomotor: 0.2 to 7kW
  • Reduction Ratio: 1/10 to 1/60
Worm Gear Head SWJMK, SWMK

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General-purpose gear heads are designed for servo motors, allowing us to quickly deliver economical products.
Low Noise & Low Vibration
Unlike other types of gear transmission, the worm gear considerably reduces vibration and noise due to sliding contact.
Space Saving
The dedicated case for flange mounting allows you to downsize your overall equipment.

2.Reference Number System

Reference Number System
Type Size Mounting Position
SWJMK 35,42,50,63,70 E: Position E
SWMK 80,100 T: Position T
B: Position B
V: Position V