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Echt-Flex® Coupling

Truly flexible disk coupling ‐ Echt-Flex Coupling

Echt-Flex Coupling

This non-backlash, lube-free coupling has high torsional stiffness, maximizing the benefit of servomotors. Based on finite element analysis, the disk is optimally designed to ensure reliable torque transmission, while absorbing misalignment smoothly.

All models are RoHS compliant.

Product Lineup

Small-size, Precision: NES Series (made of extra super duralumin)

Product Types / Features

Middle-Size: NER Series

Product Types / Features

Middle-Size: NEF Series

Product Types / Features

Large-Size: NEH Series

Product Types / Features


Capacity (N·m{kgf·m}) Bore Diameter Range (mm)
0.7{0.07} to 176400{18000} φ4.0 to φ289

Spacer Type and Single Type

Spacer Type
Spacer Type Spacer Type Two disks are embedded in this coupling, allowing for absorption of misalignment from any direction including angular and parallel misalignment, and axial displacement. Suitable for a wide range of applications.
Single Type
Single Type Single Type With a single disk, absorbs angle misalignment and axial displacement. As this type cannot absorb parallel misalignment, it is appropriate for applications where precise centering is available, such as for NC machine tools.

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