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  • Echt-Flex® Coupling

NEH Spacer Type

Echt-Flex Coupling Large-size series that can be used up to 176,000N・m {18,000kgf・m}

All models are RoHS compliant.

NEH Spacer Type


Capacity (N·m{kgf·m}) Bore Diameter Range (mm)
8820{900} to 176000{18000} φ9 to φ130

For the NEH Series, please refer to the same instruction manuals as the NEF Series.


  • Can be used for applications up to 176,000N・m{18,000kgf・m}
  • Large-size, spacer type couplings
  • Long spacer type can be manufactured upon request



The disk set is comprised of a disk, bush and collar

3. Model Numbering Example

NEH 14 W - N H 100 J D2 X A H 120 J D2
Series Size (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
  1. (1) Type: W = Spacer type, U = Unit spacer type
  2. (2) Kind of hub: N = Standard hub, A = Adaptor hub, L = Long hub, U = Unit hub
  3. (3) Shaft bore tolerance
  4. (4) Bore diameter (Plain bore: R)
  5. (5) Keyway tolerance: J = Keyway of New JIS normal type
  6. (6) Set screw positioning
  • Indicate the smaller bore diameter first
  • Indicate the pilot bore (symbol "R") first
  • Unit Spacer Type (U-Type) cannot be combined with the adaptor hub (A-hub) type

Model numbers for Couplings change from November 1, 2016.

4.Single-Side Adaptor Hub Type (A-Hub Type)/Unit Spacer Type (U-Type)

A-Hub Type

A-Hub Type fig.


U-Type fig.

The adaptor hub type provides a larger bore diameter than the standard hub. With the unit spacer type, the spacer unit can be mounted or removed without the need to disassemble the disk connecting section.