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  • Echt-Flex® Coupling

NER Spacer Type

New compact NER Series Flex Couplings with substantially higher capacity

NER Series enables overwhelmingly higher torque and downsizing through a newly developed disc and optimized bolts.

RoHS compliant

NER picture


Capacity N·m{kgf·m} Bore Diameter Range (mm)
590{60} to 8500{867} φ25 to φ145

1.Features of NER Series Echt-Flex® Couplings

NER features bannar
High kW ratings
New disc style coupling provides substantially higher torque than with conventional series.
Superior handleability
Original center unit structure that combines the discs and spacer eliminates troublesome disc assembly at the worksite. Just attach or remove bolts to attach or remove the center unit.
Can be used with large shaft bore diameters
The center unit allows for larger maximum bore diameters than with conventional series.
Wide variety of options available
A wide variety of combinations are available, including locking types, flange mounted types, and Power Locks with reinforced plastic spacers.
Non-backlash, no lubrication, and long life
Ideal for equipment that positions with a servomotor as the coupling has no backlash and a high torsional stiffness. No need for lubrication as there are no sliding areas.


Structure fig.
  1. (1) Hub A
  2. (2) Center unit
  3. (3) Positioning bolt
  4. (4) Hexagonal bolt

3. Model Numbering Example

Number System

NER 230 W - A R X A F 90 P D1
Series Size Type (1) (3) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

(1) Kind of hub

  • A: Adaptor hub

(2) Shaft bore tolerance

  • H: H7
  • F: F7
  • J: JS7
  • G: G7
  • P: P7
  • M: M7
  • N: N7
  • K: K7
  • R: R7

(3) Bore diameter

Shaft bore diameters are in 1mm units.

R: Plain bore

(4) Keyway tolerance

  • J: New JIS Js9
  • P: New JIS P9
  • E: Old JIS E9
  • F: Old JIS F7

(5) Set screw positioning

  • D0 Set screw positioning fig.
  • D1 Set screw positioning fig.
  • D2 (Standard) Set screw positioning fig.
  • D3 Set screw positioning fig.
  • D4 Set screw positioning fig.
  • D5 Set screw positioning fig.
  • D6 Set screw positioning fig.
  • D7 Set screw positioning fig.
  • D8 Set screw positioning fig.
  • Yellow highlighted areas are expanded models.
  • Indicate the smaller bore diameter first
  • Indicate the plain bore (symbol "R") first

Model numbers for Couplings change from November 1, 2016.

4. Bore Diameter Range

Model No. Finish bored items with keyways (mm)
A: Adaptor hub
New JIS (Js9, P9)
A: Adaptor hub
Old JIS (E9, F7)
NER59W φ25 to φ65 φ25 to φ61
NER93W φ40 to φ85 φ40 to φ80
NER230W φ50 to φ90 φ50 to φ84
NER360W φ60 to φ105 φ60 to φ99
NER630W φ80 to φ125 φ80 to φ119
NER850W φ100 to φ145 φ100 to φ139