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  • Jaw-Flex Coupling

L series

This light-duty flexible coupling is ideal for direct connections of general-use motors.

It is simply constructed of two hubs and one insert. Superior for secure torque transmission and vibration/impact absorption, and extremely easy to install/remove.

All models are RoHS compliant.

L series


Bore Diameter Range
0.4{0.04} to 711{72.6} φ5.0 to φ69


Extensive Lineup of Finished Bore Hub in Stock
A broad range of bore combinations is possible with 78 types of bore machining and 544 combinations of bore diameters in stock.
Ideal for Direct Connection to Motor
Designed for high-speed and low-torque applications. Accommodates every size of general-use motors.
Insert Option
You can choose the insert suited for your applications.
Simple Structure & Compact Size
Constructed with just three parts and designed to be compact. Simply move the coupling in an axial direction for connection/disconnection.
Low Cost
The lowest-priced coupling in our range for direct connection to motors with a highly economical design.
Standardized Plated Hub & Aluminum Hub
The plated hub is fit for urethane and Hytrel inserts, and resistant to corrosion. Aluminum hubs are also standardized.


Insert Types
S Type: Nitrile
M Type: Urethane
H Type: Hytrel®
Hub Types
Iron-Based Sintered Alloy
*L190 and L225 are cast iron.
*Hytrel® is a registered trademark of DuPont.

3.Model Numbering Example (Sintered Hub Type)

Model Numbering Example (Sintered Hub Type)

4.Model Numbering Example (Aluminum Hub Type)

Model Numbering Example (Aluminum Hub Type)

5.Each Insert Type Features

You have a choice of three insert types (S, M, and H types) for every size.

Type S Type M Type H Type
Insert Material Nitrile Urethane Hytrel®
color black blue white
Torque Ratio 1 1.5 2 to 3
Flexibility Excellent Excellent Good
Impact Resistance Excellent Good Good
Oil Resistance Good Good Excellent
Chemical Resistance - Good Excellent
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 100℃ -34 to 70℃ -50 to 120℃
Allowable Angular Misalignment 0.5°
Allowable Parallel Misalignment 0.38mm 0.38mm 0.38mm

*Hytrel® is a registered trademark of DuPont.

6.Insert Configuration

Insert Configuration

7.Model Numbering Example (Insert)

Model Numbering Example (Insert)