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LN series

The LN Series Jaw-Flex Coupling delivers more vibration damping than our existing products by employing new material for the spider.

It also provides backlash-free torque transmission and superior shock absorption at servomotor drives.

All models are RoHS compliant.

LN series


Capacity (N·m {kgf·m}) Bore Diameter Range (mm)
60 {6.1} to 405 {41.3} φ12 to φ42


  • Excellent for vibration resistance at servomotor drives and shock absorption during startup and stopping.
  • With the combination of the optimally designed spider and hub, this Jaw-Flex Coupling series is capable of transmitting torque without backlash.
  • You can choose from between two types of spiders: 98A excellent for vibration damping; and 64D with high torsional stiffness and wear resistance.
  • Simply constructed with two hubs and one spider, uses a clamp shaft coupling method, making this coupling extremely easy to install.
  • Available for Taper-Lock Series. Contact a Tsubaki representative.

Example of Vibration Damping Comparison (Equivalent to LN28-98A)

Example of Vibration Damping Comparison



3.Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example