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  • Power Rigid Coupling

Taper Shaft Type

Compatible with taper shaft servomotors

Apply φ11 taper shafts and adaptors for φ16 taper shafts.

RoHS compliant

The Power Rigid Coupling has no flexible element, so it cannot absorb misalignment. Please use this series for applications where secure centering is available.

Taper Shaft Type


High Torsional Stiffness
Does not have a flexible structure, this type has high rigidity.
Secure Coupling
The adoption of the taper lock system allows for larger shaft coupling force.
No Backlash
There is no backlash due to the friction of the coupling through a taper-lock.
Compact & Low Moment of Inertia
The axial length is maximally reduced, allowing for more compact design. Also provides lower moment of inertia through the polygonal outer ring configuration.



3.Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example

4.Bore Diameter Combinations

Model No. Bore Diameter D1XD2 [Taper Shaft Dia.] (mm)
EPR50 16X11T (φ11 Taper Shaft) 20X11T (φ11 Taper Shaft) 22X11T (φ11 Taper Shaft)
EPR58 20X16T (φ16 Taper Shaft) 22X16T (φ16 Taper Shaft) 25X16T (φ16 Taper Shaft)