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  • Nylon Chain Coupling


Economical, flexible couplings consisting of sprockets and typical engineering plastic chains made of polyacetal.

RoHS compliant



Compatible with short inter-shaft distance
This coupling consists of two sprockets that are connected with nylon chains, so it can be installed even when the distance between the shafts is short, allowing for more compact design of your equipment.
Easy to install and remove
Can be installed by simply winding the nylon chains over the sprockets, and inserting a joint pin. Also, you can cut the edge without moving the drive unit and driven unit for maintenance of your equipment.
Higher torque available with no length change
The coupling transmissible torque can be raised by increasing the number of sprocket teeth. Without changing the inter-shaft distance of your equipment, you can increase the coupling size.

2.Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example