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  • Roller Chain Coupling

Main Unit

Constructed of two-strand chains and two sprockets.

Can be connected and separated without moving the equipment by winding the chains over and removing them from the sprockets.

RoHS compliant



Excellent Durability
The coupling provides outstanding durability with the torque distributed to the strong roller chains and surface-hardened sprocket teeth.
Easy Coupling and Decoupling
Can be connected and disconnected by simply inserting and extracting a single roller chain joint pin.
Absorption of Large Misalignment
The clearance between the components absorbs large misalignment of both shafts.
Extensive Lineup
A total of 24 models, including 15 models compliant with JIS standards and 9 other models, are standardized.
(Roller chain shaft coupling: JIS B 1456-1989)


  • The body consists of two special sprockets with hardened teeth and dedicated two-strand roller chains.
  • A joint pin and a clip/split pin are attached.
  • *These components are sold separately.

3.Precaution for Use

Please mount a casing in the following cases:

  • Used at high rotating speeds
  • Used under abrasive conditions, such as dusty areas
  • Used in corrosive environments, such as moist areas

4.Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example