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Stainless Steel Series Case

Special case for Stainless Steel Series roller chain couplings.

Attaching a case to your chain coupling prevents lubricant from spattering and prevents dust from infiltrating, thereby extending the life of your coupling.

The case is a split type that can be separated axially or at a right angle for convenient mounting, inspection, and maintenance.

RoHS compliant

Case picture

1. Structure

Structure picture
  • The case is a two piece split type aluminum die-cast case with a gasket (cork with synthetic rubber) along the mating surface.
  • It comes with four hexagonal bolts and a special (NBR) oil seal.
  • The oil seal and gasket are available for individual purchase. You will need to purchase the lubricating grease separately.
    Click here for a list of recommended greases
  • Coating: Baked melamine resin coating
  • Color: Munsell 8.1YR7.6/15.2 orange yellow

2. Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example

*Please order the main unit and case separately.