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  • Roller Chain Coupling


When mounting the casing, the chain coupling life is extended due to the prevention of lubricant splash and dust infiltration.

For ease of mounting and inspection, the casing can be split at a right angle to the shaft.

RoHS compliant



  • The casing is made by aluminum die-casting or aluminum casting, and has a structure that can be divided into two parts. A packing made of rubber cork is attached to the mating face.
  • Parts include 4 to 6 hex socket head bolts and a special oil seal.

The oil seal and packing are also sold separately. Please purchase lubricating grease.

2.Precaution for Use

Please mount a casing in the following cases:

  • Used at high rotating speeds
  • Used under abrasive conditions, such as dusty areas
  • Used in corrosive environments, such as moist areas

3.Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example