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AE Series

General-use type with self-centering feature

  • Standard

RoHS compliant

AE Series


  • This Series has the same inner and outer diameters as the multipurpose AS Series , with the addition of the centering feature.
  • Requires no guide for alignment and additional machining of guide portions for centering, allowing for straight bore mounting.
  • Simply constructed with only an inner and an outer ring and a few locking bolts.


  • The AE Series Power-Locks are simply constructed of the following three parts: inner and outer rings, and a few locking bolts. A completely secure connection can be achieved by simply tightening these bolts.

3.Model Numbers & Specifications


Model No. Shaft Diameter Range Transmissible Torque Detailed Data
N・m kgf・m
AE Series φ19 to φ150 265 to 27000 27 to 2760

4.Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example

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