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EL Series

Simple locking elements

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RoHS compliant

EL Series

1. Features

  • You are free to select the size, number of bolts to be tightened, and the ELs to be installed, so various design configurations are available depending on the required locking force.
  • Compact and lightweight. Requires a minimum of installation space.
  • The complete ring shape design offers excellent dynamic balance.
  • Provides superior cost performance and fit for applications requiring many Power-Locks.

2. Structure

The EL Series Power-Locks are simply constructed with just two parts: an inner and an outer ring.

3. Model Numbers & Specifications


Model No. Shaft Diameter Range Transmissible Torque Detailed Data
N·m kgf·m
EL Series φ10 to φ150 6.9 to 10500 0.7 to 1070

4. Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example

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