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  • Power-Lock®

ML Series

Quick connection with a single nut

  • Standard (Surface-treated)

RoHS compliant

ML Series

1. Features

  • This simple type can be quickly connected with a single nut.
  • Fitting for hubs that are shorter than the widths of the Power-Locks.
  • Coated with a special lubricant eliminating the necessity to apply oil and grease.
  • With its centering feature, there is no need to bother with machining of the hub guide portion.

2. Structure

  • The ML Series Power-Locks are constructed of the following four parts: inner and outer rings, a nut, and a snap ring. The outer ring is divided into four parts.
  • The nut and outer ring are designed to interlock with each other while the snap ring holds the outer ring in place.

3. Model Numbers & Specifications


Model No. Hub Outer Diameter Transmissible Torque Detailed Data
N·m kgf·m
ML Series φ5 to φ75 6.76 to 1870 0.69 to 191

4. Hub Travel Distance during Installation

The hub of the ML Series Power-Lock will move until the rated contact pressure is generated on the shaft and hub holes by tightening the nut.

5. Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example

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