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  • Power-Lock®

SL Series

External locking devices ideal for hollow shaft connections

  • Standard

RoHS compliant

SL Series


  • External locking devices installed over outer hub diameters.
  • Especially suitable for hollow shaft connections such as reducers.
  • Can be used when the hub does not have sufficient thickness.
  • Coated with a special lubricant eliminating the necessity to apply oil and grease .


  • The SL Series Power-Locks consist of a taper ring A and B - each with a tapered inner diameter - and an inner ring with a tapered outer diameter. As the locking bolts are tightened, the tapered surfaces of the taper rings A and B slide together.

3.Model Numbers & Specifications


Model No. Shaft Diameter Range Transmissible Torque Detailed Data
N·m kgf·m
SL Series φ24 to φ300 167 to 290000 17 to 29600

4.Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example

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