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  • Plastic Roller Double Pitch Chain

LSK Series

LSK Series plastic roller chain is lightweight, quiet, and can withstand high temperature (180ºC) use in contact with a variety of chemicals that previous plastic roller chain could not.

Offers superior flame resistance and conforms to the Food Sanitation Act.

Uses a part between pins and bushes to provide lubrication, allowing for lube-free, long life operation.

LSK Series

1. Features

  • Uses a special wear resistant bush that provides long wear life with less initial elongation.
  • Realizes lightweight, quiet operation with less running resistance. (In-house test comparison with steel rollers.)
  • Resistant to high temperatures: Can withstand continuous operation up to 180ºC. (Operating temperature range: -20ºC to 180ºC)
  • High flame resistance: Conforms to UL V-O class certifications (highest flame resistance)
  • Offers superior corrosion resistance to various chemicals than traditional plastic rollers.
  • Conforms to the Japanese Food Sanitation Act.

2. Attachment Types

See below for the types of attachments available.

3. Reference Number System

RF2040 RPKV - LSK - 1L K2
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
  • (1) Chain size
  • (2) Roller type: RPKV = KV Series plastic rollers
  • (3) Chain series: LSK = LSK Series
  • (4) Attachment spacing
  • (5) Attachment type

4. Dimensions/Specifications

*Select the model number for detailed information.

Chain Size + Model

*Rollers also available as free flow chain outboard rollers, and plastic or KV Series top rollers.