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  • Stainless Steel Double Pitch Chain

LSK Series

A stainless steel conveyor chain with a special bush.

The self-lubricating part used between the pins and bushes allows for long life in high temperatures (180ºC). Rollers are available in stainless steel or KV Series.

LSK Series

1. Features

Superior wear resistance
Uses a special highly wear resistant bush for longer life, which reduces troublesome maintenance. Features less initial elongation as well.
Superior heat resistance
Much better heat resistance -- can be used up to 180ºC (when using stainless steel or KV rollers).
Superior chemical resistance
Uses a carefully selected special engineering plastic based on Tsubaki engineering know-how cultivated over years of plastic chain production.

2. Points of Caution

  • Contact a Tsubaki representative if the chain will be used degreased.
  • Regularly clean away any black wear debris that is generated.
  • Contact a Tsubaki representative regarding extended pins.
  • Engineering plastic rollers used with LSK Series may suffer premature wear when used in contact with water or underwater. We do not recommend their use in these environments.

3.Attachment Types

See below for the types of attachments available.

4.Reference Number System

RF2040 S - LSK - 1L K2
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
RF2040 RPKV - LSK - 1L K2
  • (1) Chain size
  • (2) Roller type: S = S roller, R = R roller, *RPKV = KV Series engineering plastic rollers
  • (3) Chain series: SS = SS Series, AS = AS Series, NS = NS Series, LSC = LSC Series, LSK = LSK Series
  • (4) Attachment spacing
  • (5) Attachment type

5. Dimensions/Specifications

*Select the model number for detailed information.

Chain Size + Model