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Lambda Double Pitch Chain

Double Pitch Chain with long-life under lube-free conditions

Lambda Double Pitch Chain uses special oil-impregnated bushes to provide lube-free, long life operation to meet a wide variety of customer needs. Helps users reduce overall costs in their applications.

Tsubaki also offers surface treated Lambda Double Pitch Chain, which is tough against corrosion, and KF Series chain for use in high temperature environments and food equipment.

Lambda Double Pitch Chain
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Lambda Small Size Conveyor Chain Features & Construction

Lube-free, long life operation
Special oil-impregnated bushes provide long-life operation.
Interchangeable with standard Double Pitch Chain.
Operating Temperature Range
-10ºC to 150ºC

Improved lubricant of special contained bush

Due to the compliant lubrication to NSF H1 as special contained bush , it also can be used on food machinery.

Note) Please be aware that NSF H1 non-compliant rust prevention oil and oils for building are also attached in the process of manufacturing.

Basic Structure of Lambda Chain

Structure of Lambda Chain

The structural diagram shows an RS Attachment Chain.

What is NSF H1?
NFS is the organization that verifies the hygienic quality of food lubrication. NSF H1 is the standard regulated by NSF. This is "Lubricant ingredients are safe in the event of incidental food contact." oil.

Product Lineup

Product Types / Features
Lambda Double Pitch Chain

Lambda Double Pitch Chain

A Double Pitch Chain in Lambda specifications using special oil-impregnated bushes for lube-free, long life operation.

Surface Treated Lambda Double Pitch Chain

Surface Treated Lambda Double Pitch Chain

A Lambda Double Pitch Chain coated with a surface treatment for better corrosion resistance. We offer NP and NEP Series to meet your corrosion resistance needs.

KF Series Lambda Double Pitch Chain

KF Series Lambda Double Pitch Chain

Usable in a wide range of temperatures, from ambient temperature to 230ºC. This eco-friendly lube-free Double Pitch Chain can be used for food conveyance as well.