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We have design stock of selected popular items. Choose form there designs to increase the overall design efficiency of your equipment.

Design Stock

1. Applicable Models

*Select the attachment model for detailed information.

Models Description
(attachment type: PG) Rollers are ground. The upper surfaces of attachments (PG) are ground when present.
Attachment chain in large sizes (RS180 and above)
(attachment type: DL) A Double Pitch Chain with an H1 dimension larger than the roller upper surface. Can directly convey goods, even when using an R-roller.
(attachment type: UM) Inward bending attachments allow for items to be directly conveyed or sandwiched and conveyed. The attachment upper surface has been chamfered to prevent damage to conveyed items.
(attachment type: GR) Guide rollers are used to prevent meandering and as running rollers. (Not a lateral bending chain.)
(attachment type: EN) The extended pins (hardened steel) have been threaded. Jigs can be attached with a bolt.
(attachment type: EC) Jigs can be attached with clips.
(attachment type: ST) Chains with long pins are in parallel. They are suited to conveying goods atop the pins, or for attaching nets and the like.
(attachment type: RE) Ideal for conveying various bar-shaped items.
(attachment type: FS) This conveyor chain is ideal for gripping thin items (film, etc.) using its sharp cone-shaped attachments.
(attachment types: KU) This chain grips conveyed items using a clip.
(attachment types: KUM)
  • This chain grips conveyed items using a clip.
  • Introducing Tsubaki's new SS Series, ideal for washdown applications.
(attachment type: MG) Magnets attract conveying cases, allowing for inclined conveyance.
(attachment type: RSG) Rubber pads are baked on. Items can be gripped between the elastic rubber pads and conveyed.
(attachment type: CL) For flat, circuitous conveyance.
(attachment type: SLT) Slats are installed on tough Double Pitch Chains. Ideal for conveying relatively heavy material.
(attachment type: SLW) Slats are welded on Double Pitch Chains. Ideal for conveying relatively heavy material.
(attachment type: SLT) This small pitch RS Chain with a short internally set slat is suitable for smooth conveyance of small objects.