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Sprockets for Drive Chains

RS Sprocket Pilot Bore Series

RS Sprockets are optimal for RS Roller Chain

Wide line-up available.

  • Steel type: Both unhardened teeth and hardened teeth specifications available
  • Tough Tooth: Sprockets optimized for use with Heavy Duty Chain
  • Stainless steel type: Uses corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Plastic type: Made of engineering plastic and enables lube-free operation

RS Sprockets Fit Bore

Sprockets with finished bores, keyways, and set screws

Customers can immediately use this sprocket, with no troublesome additional finishing required.

  • Finished Bore Type: Specific finishings (stock items)
  • Bore Finishing Type: Can be freely selected from set finishes

Lock Sprockets

Sprockets with a keyless locking device

Frictional force on the tapered sleeve enables sprockets to lock to the shaft with no keys. Phase alignment is also easy.

  • S Type: Strong locking with bolts, and a wide variety of shaft diameters available
  • N Type: Easy locking with nuts, mainly in smaller diameters

Other Special Sprockets

We offer a wide array of special sprockets

  • Sprockets for BS Chains: BS/DIN Series
  • Torque Limiter Sprockets: Finished on the friction surface of the center member.

Chain Tensioner/Idlers

We offer a wide line-up of necessities for chain drives

Chain Tensioner
  • CT-TCS Type: Swing type tensioner with idler sprocket.
  • CT-ETS Type: Linear type tensioner with idler sprocket
  • CT-TA Type: Linear type tensioner with plastic shoe
  • CT-TH Type: Multiple idler sprockets to choose from
  • FR Idler Sprockets come in two types: ball bearing type and oilless bush type