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Fit Bore RS Sprockets

Fit Bore Sprockets have finished bores.

The bore and keyway have been finished, and the sprocket comes with two set screws. They can be used as is with no additional troublesome finishing.

Tsubaki offers two types: sprockets with finished bores and easy bore finishing types.

Fit Bore Sprockets
Finished Bore Types
Specific type of finishing (stock items).
Bore Finishing Type
Can be freely selected from set finishings.

Fit Bore Features

We have created codes for the different types of finishings for easy ordering by model number.
Customers do not need to create drawings when ordering.
They can be used as is with no additional troublesome finishing.

Steps to take in considering additional bore finishing.

1. Check for Finished Bore Type.

If you cannot find your selection for additional finishing on Finished Bore Types,

2. Consider using Bore Finishing Type Sprockets.

If you need special bore finishing besides Fit Bores,

3. MTO products are also available.

Contact a Tsubaki representative for more information.

Product Lineup

Product Types/Features
Fit Bore Finished Bore Type

Finished Bore Type

All models are stock items and have hardened teeth. Sprockets with hub type 1B, shaft bore diameter H7, keyway finishing Js9, tap holes finished at two locations.

Fit Bore Easy Finished Bore Type Sprockets

Bore Finishing Type Sprockets

You can select the hub type/number of teeth/tooth hardening, shaft bore diameter/tolerance, chamfer, keyway width/tolerance, tap hole finishing (number of taps/position/size), and surface treatment from available models.