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  • Sprockets for Free Flow Chains

Sprockets for Double Plus Chain/Center Roller Chain

Sprockets for Double Plus Chain and Center Roller Chain.

Lock Sprockets that can be mounted to shafts with no keys are also standard in addition to Pilot Bore Series. Contact a Tsubaki representative for more information.

Sprockets for Double Plus Chain

1. Pilot Bore Series Features

  • Can be used with Double Plus Chain with snap covers.
  • Uses carbon steel for machine structural use, and all models have unhardened teeth.
  • Available chain sizes: RF2030VRP - RF2080VRP

2. Model Numbering Example

RF2030VRP 10T
(1) (2)
  1. (1) Chain number
  2. (2) No. of teeth

3. Dimensions and Specifications

*Select the model number for detailed information.

Sprocket model number
RF2030VRP-10T RF2040VRP-10T RF2050VRP-10T RF2060VRP-10T RF2080VRP-10T