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Pin Gear Drive Unit

A way to reduce costs for rotating and linear drives.

Tsubaki Pin Gear Drive Units are a new drive system that replace gears and racks. Consisting of a pin wheel and rack, and a gear with a unique tooth profile, Pin Gear Drive Units offer limitless design possibilities for rotating and linear drives.

We will be changing the model numbers for Pin Gear Drive Units on April 1, 2019.

Pin Gear Drive Unit

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Notice: Pin Gear Drive Unit Flexible Type with wider center-to-center distance tolerance and wider gap between pin rack/pin wheel and pin gear has been lined up.

Pin Gear Drive Unit – Video

Features and Structure of Pin Gear Drive Unit

1. Features

Simple installation
Uses a segmented system for easy installation. Rough mounting precision is allowed.
Large transmission torque
Pin gears are designed as modules with some leeway. The right balance between pin wheels and racks allow them to generate large transmission torque.
Can be used on large equipment
Just increase the number of wheel segments to enable use on large equipment drives.
Large sizes perfect for the steel industry are now available.
Large Pin Gear Drive Units are now available. They outperform large gears in terms of cost and tangential force.

List of standard specs

Pitch mm Standard Series (Steel)
Frame no. Allowable tangential loads
kN {kgf}
Allowable tangential loads 20 PDU020 4.7 480
22 PDU022 7.7 780
30 PDU030 12.8 1300
35 PDU035 19.5 1990
40 PDU040 27.3 2780
50 PDU050 31.7 3230
55 PDU055 52.9 5390
70 PDU070 60.7 6190
80 PDU080 71.5 7290
90 PDU090 98.9 10100
120 PDU120 122.5 12400
NEW 150 PDU150 240 24500
180 PDU180 347 35400
240 PDU240 525 53400

Comparison of features with previous models

Transmission torque Installation time Cost Weight Delivery
Large Pin Gear Drive Units Good Good Best Good Good
Large Gears Good Fair Poor Fair Fair
Chain Type Pin Gears Good Fair Good Good Good
Complete line-up of stainless steel series (S Series)
Can be used in corrosive environments, such as in contact with water, acids, or alkalis. Can also be used from -20ºC to 400ºC.
New Advanced Rust Protection Series
Improved corrosion resistance thanks to a special surface treatment. Each part has been optimally treated for advanced rust protection in severe environments such as outdoors, around water, or in coastal areas.
  • Applications: Vertical tower parking, large transport trolleys, casting lines, water gates, etc.
  • Users can select the same size as they would with the standard series since the allowable tangential loads are the same.
  • Made-to-order product.
Flexible Type
Pin Gear Drive Unit Flexible Type with wider center-to-center distance tolerance than before and wider gap between pin rack/pin wheel and pin gear has been lined up. It is effective not only for devices with strict mounting accuracy but also when the installation position changes during operation due to thermal expansion, etc.
  • Applications: Kiln dryer, earth-moving machine.
  • Allowable tangential load is lower than standard series. Refer to the leaflet for selection.
  • Made-to-order product.
Special specifications
Tsubaki also offers surface treatments, locking pin gears, small backlashes, and other special specifications.

2. Product renewal

From April 2012 all frame pins are hollow pin types (bush types). Further, the S Series (stainless steel) series construction is now the same as the standard series. Please contact a Tsubaki representative when the former series is required (such as for replacement).

3. Construction

Pin Gear Drive Units are drive units that come with pin gears and pin wheels (or pin racks) for engagement.

Rotating Drives Linear Drives
Pin Wheel+Pin Gear Pin Rack+Pin Gear
Pin wheel diameter (no. of pins) can be freely selected. Pin rack length (no. of pins) can be freely selected.

4. Structure

Pin gears feature special tooth profiles for smooth, continuous engagement with the rollers. Teeth have been hardened to increase their strength and wear resistance.

Pin Gear Unit Structure

5. Unique pin gear tooth profile

The pin gear tooth profile is an approximation of an involute curve to provide smooth engagement and power transmission between pin wheel and rack. They also incorporate a unique Tsubaki design to give them even further strength.

Pin gear unit tooth profile

Pin gear unit tooth profile

6. Standard specifications and backlash

Click the link below for more information on standard specifications and backlash (reference values)

7. Dimensions, specifications, and model numbers

Click the link below for more information on part dimensions, specifications, and model numbers.