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Ultra PX Belt HC Type

HC Type Ultra PX Belts enable high load transmission, long life, and compactness thanks to its high strength material and PX belt tooth contour.

Next-generation timing belt that pursues the performance demanded of belts.

RoHS compliant

HC Type Ultra PX Belts picture


High precision
Improved transmission precision thanks to a 50% reduction in operational elongation leads to higher equipment precision. There is no need for belt retensioning.
High strength
Transmission capacity is double that of the previous PX Belt. Space saving designs such as narrow widths and a smaller number of teeth are also available.
Uses wear resistant tooth fabric. Clean operation is possible since less wear dust is generated.
Color shows wear at a glance (blue)
Using blue rubber for the teeth shows wear at a glance.

1. High precision/high strength

Comparison of belt elongation by operating time

Comparison of belt elongation by operating time chart

Comparison of transmission capacity

Comparison of transmission capacity chart

2. Clean with minimum wear dust generated

PX Belts

dust generated images

HC Type Ultra PX Belts

Clean images

3. Easy to determine the time for replacement

Adoption of blue color enables the wear condition to be determined at a glance.

Before use

HC Before use

After use

HC After use

3M and 5M use black rubber.

4. Size list/details

  • Oil and water resistant: No (Cannot be used)
  • Operating temperature range: -15°C to 80°C
  • Electrical conductivity: None
Pitch 3mm Name Belt width mm Details
UP3M6-HC 6
UP3M10-HC 10
UP3M15-HC 15
Pitch 5mm Name Belt width mm Details
UP5M10-HC 10
UP5M15-HC 15
UP5M25-HC 25
Pitch 8mm Name Belt width mm Details
UP8M15-HC 15
UP8M25-HC 25
UP8M40-HC 40
UP8M60-HC 60
Pitch 14mm Name Belt width mm Details
UP14M40-HC 40
UP14M60-HC 60
UP14M80-HC 80
UP14M100-HC 100
UP14M120-HC 120