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Lock Pulleys

Lock Pulleys are timing pulleys with a keyless locking device.

Enables easy locking and high precision transmission.

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Features of Lock Pulleys

Zero backlash through friction locking
Shaft and pulley are locked strongly for no backlash.
Phasing, installation, and removal are easy
No retainer for key and shaft direction required. Easy positioning and phasing.
Minimum number of bolts
A minimal number of bolts allows for easy installation and removal.
No additional pulley required
Can be ordered easily be model number. There is no need to create a drawing for the shaft bore finishing.

Product Lineup

Product Types / Features
S Type Lock Pulleys

S Type Lock Pulleys

Our most versatile type. Can be used with Ultra PX belts. Electroless nickel-plated types and pulleys made of high strength aluminum alloy (A7075 equivalent) are also available.

Standard models available: P5M, P8M, P14M

N Type Lock Pulleys

N Type Lock Pulleys

Easy fastening with a single nut tightening. Bore diameters starting from 7mm available. Ideal for small diameter shaft locking.

Standard models available: P3M, P5M

C Type Lock Pulleys

C Type Lock Pulleys

Collared clamp type. Uses two bolts for easy locking. Can be used on small diameter shafts since it has excellent rotational balance and there is no pulley deformation.

Standard models available: P2M, P3M, P5M