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C Type Lock Pulleys

C Type Lock Pulleys use a clamp collar.

Can be locked easily with two bolts. Can be used on small diameter shafts since they have excellent rotational balance and with no pulley deformation.

C Type Lock Pulleys picture

1.Locking principle

Placing two clamp collars around the pulley hub and tightening the locking bolt to F force, the outside of the hub contracts due to being pressed in by a surface pressure equivalent to 4F.

The inside of contracted hub adheres to the shaft and generates frictional force. The shaft and pulley are strongly locked by friction. The feature of this clamp mechanism is locking the hub with two locking bolts that give the equivalent force of four. A large locking force can be gained with fewer bolts.

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3. New Service

  • Lock pulleys for urethane belts and other items are also available.
  • Lock pulleys for competitor tooth profiles also available. (Lot pricing)

Size list/product details

Name Pitch (mm)
P2M 2
P3M 3
P5M 5