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S Type Lock Pulleys

S Type Lock Pulleys are our most standard type lock pulleys.

  • Strong locking allows them to be used with Ultra PX Belts
  • Flat installation enables lighter weight and space savings
  • S Type Aluminum, with a body made of extra super duralumin, and electroless nickel-plated types are also available
  • Effective for reducing weight and inertia even further
S Type Lock Pulleys picture

1. Locking principle

The inner diameter of the timing pulley and the outer diameter of the sleeve are tapered. The timing pulley slides along the tapered surface when the locking bolt is tightened.

Force PP', which presses onto the shaft and inner taper surface, is then generated through a wedge effect. This PP' force generates frictional force, which locks the timing pulley and shaft strongly.

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2. Plated Series S Type Lock Pulley

Plated Series S Type Lock Pulley

  • In addition to high strength, non-backlash locking.
  • The electroless nickel-plating on the pulley and sleeve, and the special coating on the bolt, provide improved corrosion resistace and dry locking without lubrication.
Plated Series S Type Lock Pulley picture

3. New Service

  • Lock pulleys for urethane belts and other items are also available.
  • Lock pulleys for competitor tooth profiles also available. (Lot pricing)

Size list

Standard S Type

Name Pitch (mm)
P5M 5
P8M 8
P14M 14
XL 9.525
L 9.525
H 12.700

Aluminum Series S Type

Name Pitch (mm)
P5M Aluminum 5
P8M Aluminum 8

Plated Series S Type

Name Pitch (mm)
P5M Plated Series 5
P8M Plated Series 8
P14M Plated Series 14