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Corner Discs for TPUN-LH Chain

Corner Discs for TPUN-LH Chain.

Enable smooth and silent running in curved sections.

Bending radius: R = 150mm

Corner Discs for TPUN-LH Chain

1. Line-up

Model No. Material Applications More Details
TP-C12723T-CD Body: Reinforced polyamide
Shaft bearing: Steel
For Carry Way
TP-C12725T-CD For Return Way
  • Bearings and seal rings will be shipped unassembled.
  • Carry way and return way corner discs differ only in whether the shaft extends through the disc.

2. Model Numbering Example

TP-C12723T - CD
(1) (2)
  1. (1) Model No.
  2. (2) Simplified code: CD = Corner Disc