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Side top brackets

Support conveyor frames from the side.

Suitable for attaching trays to the underside of conveyors, and for conveyors with simple constructions.

Side top brackets

1. Side top bracket — Overview

Model No.: TP-C14748NT-STB

Side top bracket picture
  • Material:
    Mail body = Reinforced polyamide,
    Bolt/Nut/Washer = Stainless steel (SUS304)
  • Pipe outside dia.: 48.6mm (Nominal diameter1 ½)
  • Bracket tilt angle: 5°
*Equivalent to MB

2. Side top bracket mounting examples

See the diagram at the below for side top bracket mounting.

Side top bracket mounting examples diagram

Click below for more information on other parts (except on side top brackets).

3. Points in using side top brackets

Can be used as a mounting hole to reinforce round bars by removing the dividers from the side top bracket.

[Operational procedure for removing dividers]
Place a punch on the dashed line area as shown on the right and tap lightly with a hammer to remove the dividers.
Operational procedure for removing dividers diagram