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Threaded tube end

Threaded tube ends are a frame support parts for Top Chain.

Can be used as legs for a conveyor frames when press-fitted into a pipe and used in combination with universal feet.

*Pipes not included.

Threaded tube end

1. Threaded tube end — Overview

Model No.: TP-C14767T-SRB, TP-C14791T-SRB

Threaded tube end picture
  • TP-C14767T-SRB:
    Pipe outside dia. 48.6mm (Nominal diameter1 ½)
  • TP-C14791T-SRB:
    Pipe outside dia. 60.5mm (Nominal diameter2)
  • Material:
    Main body = Polyamide,
    Bush = Brass + nickel plated
  • Use a pipe with a thickness of 1.65mm.
*Equivalent to MB

2. Threaded tube end features and usage

Easy installation
Can be installed just by driving into a chamfered pipe. A safe and easy to handle part with no welding needed.
Stands can even be made quickly using commercially available pipes when needed.
Threaded tube end fig.
*Prepare a pipe with a thickness of 1.65mm.
Compact, low cost
Suitable for conveyors supported by a number of legs—such as a multi-line conveyors—and for supporting lightweight conveyors. Costs less than a support base.

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